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Squat Mornings Fixed?

Hi, I’ve taken on the stuff I was told last time, mainly about how I’m gripping the bar and carrying it too low down, and have attempted to fix it.
I’ve shelved the bar on my rear delts now, have higher elbows, straight wrists and am hitting depth

I’ve just developed enough shoulder flexibility to be able to use this techniques with my working weight



Do I need to do anything else to this?

I don’t see a difference.

I have a vertical version of the second video here

Just do high-bar squats. It’ll help you stay upright. Really not much of a difference in the two videos. Your head is still looking at the ground.

^agreed, high bar will either make you fix your form or get folded in half.

Front Squats

I don’t know what you’re looking for. If you’re trying to squat like Rippetoe then you’re just about there. Otherwise get your head up.

No. After you take your deep breathe before you squat down, bring you head up and drive you neck into the bar. Pick a spot straight ahead of you or about 30 degrees above horizontal (depends on person)and focus on it.

Elbows should not be back, they should be as under the bar as your flexibility allows. In fact working on keeping you elbows as under the bar as you can throughout the whole movement may help you stopping this movement pattern you are trying to fix.

Your back should support the weight, your hand should just help in not allowing the bar to roll, even better, slightly pull down with your hands driving the bar into your back. When you hit depth, try to concentrate on driving into you shoulders from your heels initialy (so you shoulders/head rise first,) then about halfway up squeeze your glutes/hams and force them to drive you body into a straight position.

Ideally, I like to think of myself as a jumping frog, just doing so vertically.

I also neglected to mention that you should drive your knees out and concentrate on it throughout the lift. Be a jumping frog.

[quote]BacktotheBar wrote:
Ideally, I like to think of myself as a jumping frog, just doing so vertically.

I also neglected to mention that you should drive your knees out and concentrate on it throughout the lift. Be a jumping frog.[/quote]

I do this also on my heavy sets. I envision my self jumping with the weight on my back, and I really try to do so. Not only does it promote good form, it gives you a hell of a lot more drive / umph.

Squat down with no bar, and jump, video tape it, see how it looks. If you still look at the ground when you jump up, then fix it. If your ass sticks out, then you do a good morning with no weight, then figure out how to jump correctly before you try to squat.

If all good there, then take the bar, put it on your back, descend, and jump, just like you were before, in the air. Video tape it, and compare.

I used to incorporate jump sets with up to 3 plates, but it is too much stress on my spine.

First, your quads are probably weak. You lean over and good morning the weight up because your quads aren?t capable of doing to work. The only way you?re going to stay upright is to either get your quads stronger or use way less weight. I?m willing to bet your front squat sucks. Learn to love them.

Second, you need to stay on your heels. The weight is drifting way forward at the bottom making the whole things way worse. Do paused squats and sit and balance ON YOUR HEELS in the hole. Just camp out there for a while until you?ve learned the position.

It will take a long time, it?s hard to un-learn movement patterns.

Chest up!
Now take the bar out.





How long have you been squatting?

Something that I had to come to terms with a couple months ago, when I posted me horribly high 315 squat was my ego. I just couldn’t do heavy weight with good form. That weight right there is heavy for you right now. So go back to squatting just the bar till you can strengthen those muscles while using good form. That’s what all my football coaches have made the team do in the past.

Stronglifts 5x5 is a great beginner program that promotes good form as you slowly increase weight, and you squat a crap ton. Start with the bar, do 5x5, then add 5 pounds every workout for 12 weeks. Start by squatting 5x5 of 45 pounds, end by squatting 5x5 of 225.