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SQUAT Max 4 Weeks Out- MY Plan

First off, this isn’t the bulgarian method, this is the Scott method- I’m Scott, and I hardly know what I’m doing. My bench and deadlift will go up very little (30lbs. combined for both) so I’m training em, but not sweating em. Squat I got Issssues.

I hit a 235lb. opener 3 weeks ago and then got red-lighted the next two. BUMMER. So…

Yesterday I hit 245lbs. 5x to depth (I swear) Changed my stance to what’s most comfortable for me instead of trying to follow 158 simple steps from 40 different online videos, and it’s helped immensely. I’ve settled on a lower high bar (ha!) a shoulder width stance, and toes pointed out. Fine.


SQUAT 3X PER WEEK for next 3 weeks. OH YEAHHHH. This will be the first time I’ve ever done that. In fact, this week I squatted 2x for the first time ever. Week 1 Friday I work to my best triple, Week 2 Friday, my best double, Week 3 my best single, and then light squat day in gym week 4 on Monday.

What I don’t know is what kind of squat/leg training to do Monday and Wednesday of each week. Any thoughts… Pause squats maybe, front squats, leg press, Volume? I don’t know. Thanks!

Nothing better than basic squat. Doing it multiple times a week gets your body more efficient at moving weight and form gets ingrained. Its common for me to squat 475+ for reps 4 days a week. Though I cut the weight back slightly to increase volume now

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I dont understand why we’d make that mistake- your plan looks nothing like the Bulgarian method LOL . Which is probably isnt a bad option as a peaking protocol IMO.

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Looked at some of your other posts on here and well… Just stick to the basic squat and eat more.

You compete in the 165lbs class and you’re 6’1…

For reference, I’m 18, 5’9 and I would be competing (if I did) in the 165lbs class as of right now and I’ll probably open my squat at 330-350-ish lbs. My advice is… Get on a program, anything that works and stick to it for a decent amount of time. By decent I mean 6 months to a year or so. Oh and eat more. Nope, more than what you think is more.

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promises, promises. If there’s one thing I learned at my 1st powerlifting meet, it’s you don’t know what you can do till you do it in front of a crowd and judges. I still don’t know why people were getting red lights for dead lifts. All I know is, thank God I didn’t.

I’ve decided to get some oly shoes. I know so much about oly shoes that I couldn’t understand why amazon didn’t sell them until I realized oly is short for olympic. LOL.

What’s that supposed to mean? Sounds to me like you’re trying to antagonize me or maybe I’m just taking it the wrong way.

Anyways, it seems to me that you don’t know your shit. You don’t need oly shoes. You don’t need the “Scott Method”. What you need to do is, get your shit together, put in the work and the results will come. For fucks sake…

Aren’t you at least gonna try and find out?

I sincerely do hope you’re not one of those “can’t be helped” kinda guys but are definitely exhibiting signs.

Says the guy who’s never competed and isn’t old enough to buy beer. Sure brah. I’ll be taking advice from u right after I get sex tips from a virgin.

He competes Strongman bro. Just keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy those sweet gains!

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For the record, I have competed in a push pull meet and 4 strongman comps. That being said, yes, you never know what’ll happen at an actual meet. However… You do realize I can literally rep your opener for 20 reps or so right? Hell, I’ll upload a video later today just to prove my point.

EDIT : Merged replies and added more shit on my mind.

How bout this @scottonfire, 235lbs aka your opener. We’ll have a rep off, loser leaves T-Nation forever.

Oh and for the record, I can actually buy beer.

even if you win, you’re still a loser. Deload from the roids, ya 18-year-old know nothing. Ps. trying to look down on someone works a lot better when you’re taller than the other guy.

what the fuck is going on in this thread

@Reed, welcome back, haven’t seen you on here in a while. Oh and as for what the fuck is going, hell if I know but it’s kinda amusing to me, that’s for sure.

@scottonfire, I sincerely hope you’re trolling buddy cause otherwise, you’re a sad sad man. That being said, are you taking on my challenge?

C’mon Mr First Place, what are you afraid of? It’s not like you totalled 890 at 165 and you have a wilks score of 288…

OP: I don’t think anyone is interested in your training methodology, or likely to help you given your personality, which doesn’t seem that awesome. Only advice I’ll give is what I’d say to anyone at your level, which is to find a coach or pick a proven methodology that appeals to you and learn to train within that framework over the course of a few years.

For reference, many people would be capable of a 288 wilks with no formal weight training. My wife did about a 310 wilks after roughly six months of lifting weights. She now squats more than you and weighs less than 130 lbs at 5’6. I say this in part to be insulting, because you seem like a tool, but also to give some perspective on how silly it is for you to prepare your own training plans or antagonize people on a powerlifting board.

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