Squat Made My Back Hurt

I was squatting and when i was lowering, i guess i did something wrong or something happened but i got a pain on my lats/upperback region. More on the right middle side. Before i went to this workout i had back day the day before and i guess i did overload on back because the morning of legday my back was sore, which it normally isnt. So i did some foam roll and such and went to squat. Thats when the incident happened. Ever since then its gotten worse and its only been around 10 hours or so and its gotten worse. Should i just wait it out or any ideas? It hurts more when i curve over aka bend over, ie. To pick up something or just looking down by curving

It’s it been over 10 hours and it’s getting worse you should probably go to a Doctor. Sometimes “waiting it out” is not the way to go.