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Squat/Lunge Difference

Can someone tell me the exact differences between the squat and the lunge.
I see some site/mags say split squat while others refer to it as a lunge and I can’t seem to find anything on the net providing a defintion.
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Split Squat usually means rear leg raised on a bench/box 12-18" high to allow for more depth than can be allowed in the lunge position…A single leg squat.

In a split squat, you begin with your legs split apart, one in front, one behind and you squat down.

In a lunge, you begin with your feet together (side by side) and you step forward (in a forward lunge) with one foot, and then push off and backwards with that foot to return to the start position. (Unless you are doing walking lunges, in which case you bring your trailing foot forward and proceed on ahead alternating legs.)

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That is indeed helpful!!
I would, however, really like to see the exact definition somewhere. ]
Anyone got it??

Um, I’m pretty sure the information you’ve been given so far is incorrect.

Split Squat and Lunge are exactly the same thing, just different words used to describe the same movement.

The above posters have referenced different types of split-squats/lunges:

If your hind foot is up on a box, then it’s a Bulgarian split-squat/lunge.

The other differences mentioned above are between a dynamic and static split-squat/lunge.

From what I recall, the movement was originally called split-squat and considered a variation of the squat, but it gained popularity over time and eventually earned its own name.

Here use this link

Look at split squat and Barbell Lunge

Basically it is in the squat you go straight down on the luge more of the weight goes to the lead leg and you go further forward fron the rear foot.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the info. everyone!!