squat+ lower back= compression

Hey everyone,

Whats up with my back? I was doing deadlifts aout 2 weeks ago, and the gym attendents got mad at me for “dropping” the weight during deadlifts ( a controlled fall). So, I was controlling the weight down so it barely made a noise when it touched ground. This jacked up my back. I haven’t tried to deadlift since then, but I have tried to squat. It feels like my lower back is compressed and hurts pretty bad, I can’t go heavy. It doesn’t hurt at all doing any lunge type movement or during the day.

What should I do? I was thinking of taking a week off and just doing lunges, step ups, sprints, and farmers walks. Any advice would be appreciated.


first you should tell those pussys (and the manager) what happened, see if they care.

i dont know what happened to your back, if it really seems that weird get it checked out. ive been so sore from deadlifting that it lasted almost a week, but if you feel some weirdness* get it checked.

next time just tell them ‘i’ll be done in a second’ or something, or maybve put some pads underneath where you are dropping it?

that really sucks, you should really tell those bastards what happened…


I agree with iamnobody, definately tell the people who work there. As long as you were using a controled motion and not dropping the weight w/ horrible form, I don’t see why it would be a problem. Bloody shins and slight banging noises pretty much come with deadlifts.

As for the injury, if it persists then I’d definately go to a chiropractor. It sounds like you are having problems stabalizing your core when doing the heavy lifts, which could really be a lot of different things. One of which includes a slightly twisted vertebrae. If this is the case, the vertebrae may be pinching into a nerve causing the problems. I’d definately check out a chiropractor. With health insurance, my visits to one came to $5 a session. But if you don’t have insurance, it can get costly. Good luck with it man. Hope things work out well.

Has anyone felt like this, after trying to control the down part of the deadlift? I know that it will go away like any other minor injury I have had in the past, but I can’t believe this happened from just controlling the down part of the dead.

I would second LevelHeaded’s advice to seek chiropractic care. In fact, I would recommend EVERYONE who lifts weights or works out strenously to get regular adjustments from a DC. It can help with subluxations that can make heavy lifting impossible over time on the basic movements like squats and deads. I know from first hand experience that seeking a chiropractor after getting an injury is about as evolved as screaming after dropping a 45# plate on your toe! but sometimes that’s the only motivation that will work.

Go to a chiro like everyone else said. And if you live in Tempe or Mesa go to the Golds Gym there cause they dont care about noise or chalk even. Good luck

when deadlifting, after you get it up, are you supposed to let it crash to the ground?

i always lowered it trying to use the same motion as going up but going down. It does go down pretty fast, but its never crashing down. I see a few guys just bring the weight up, then let go and it crashes tothe ground.

though im not using much weight yet, id still think lowering it with control, but not pin drop silent, would held get you bigger and stronger from resisting the eccentric? part. or am i wrong?

Firstly i think you should generally lower the weights in the same manner you lifted it (exceptions are O lifts etc). Dropping the weight eliminated half the lift (eccentric loading) and you are getting less bang for your buck.
What you may find you have is an anterior herniation of one of the vetebral discs, caused by over arching and perhaps weak abs.

Sometimes my back feel a bit screwed after a heavy DL session. What I do is hang from a chinning bar for a while and let the backmuscles relax. It cracks SOOOO good. Feels a lot better after.