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Squat Lockouts


I only just realized how useful these can actually be for helping to improve your regular squat poundage, not so much for training the high point of the lift but for simply feeling the heft of supra-maximal loads and getting used to having more weight on your shoulders.

You can do 1\4 to 1\8th squat lockouts with much more poundage than you could with a full rom 1rm.

I was kind of wondering though,
When is the best time to include them in a training session?
Should you mainly just do singles with extremely heavy weight ?

What kind of volume, sets and reps do you typically do with this exercise when included with regular squats ?

If you do these, do you typically do them before or after full rom squats ?



I don't think you hear too much about these because there's better ways of overloading the top like using bands or chains or a high box (like 1-6 inches high about). Even just supra-maximal iso-holds. That is, putting a bunch of weight on the bar and unracking it and just holding it staying really tight for time, then racking it.


I've never done them, but I hear more about ISO-holds, like FLETCH mentioned.

Usually, I've seen people do them first as a way of priming the CNS for the working sets.... I've done it a few times with bench and I'm not too sure if they helped or not.


i prefer chains myself. found they help the top half a load.


Yeah, chains or reverse bands are better IMO. Still overload the top but you get to go thru the full ROM. That way you're getting the overload but also still training the full squat.