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Squat Lagging Deadlift


I'm looking for some advice. My squat seems to be lagging behind my other lifts i.e. dead lift and bench press. I am looking for advice on how to improve this.

A little back ground. Body weight: 83kg/182.6lbs
I am training for functional hypertrophy.
I do a 4 day upper lower split after spending a year on full body workout. I am not totally new to training as have trained, all be it badly in the past.

My work consists of
upper1: Bench, weighted chin ups, BOR and over head press
Lower1: Back squat, sldl, and secondary quad e.g. leg press.

Upper 2: Weighted dips, seated dumbell press, weight chins and BOR
Lower 2: Dead lift sumo/conventional, front squats, some core planks and ab rollout.

I lift 5x5 increasing the weight each set: i.e. Bench today 65kg x 5, 80kg x 5, 85kg x 5, 90kg x 3, 90kg x3, and 97.5kg x2.

My current lifts are dead lift pr: 160kg x 1
Back squat pr: 100kg x 1
Bench 97.5kg x 2 (train on my own scared of 1rm)

When I see people numbers on forums their squat seems a lot closer to their dead lift. Can anybody see anything about my training that would hold back this back? Or does anybody know good ways to increase my squat other than how I train. Any advice appreciated.

Here is a video of my max squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obiNgDb1lWc


The more you train and the bigger you get, your squat with catch up.

DL numbers come fast as a beginner, squatting takes a lot longer to get good at.


From your video, I'd say that you lack a bit of core strength: right out the hole, it seems that the power generated by your legs doesn't get to the bar, because it stops at abs/lumbar level...I'm not shure if it makes sense for you.
Be shure to really brace your abs as hard as you can BEFORE you start going down (and hold them braced through all the movement), and keep your chest up.

By the way, the squat needs more technique than the deadlift, so it takes longer to learn it. Also, you seem to squat with the bar high on your traps: very good for quad developement, but not the best position to lift big poundages.

If you can't ask a knowledgeable PT (or an experienced big guy) at your gym, watch the "Squat RX" serie on youtube to get a good insight on squat proper form.


Thanks for the advice. your right i do nornmal have the bar in the high position. I am going to practice with the lower powerlifting position. I see what you mean about my core, this does make sense. I am going to look up some core articals. Thanks for the advice.


Shit, dude. You've got a lot more in you than that. You looked like you got a good hip drive, but your momentum died when you drifted forward. Sit back, push with your heels, and explode out of the hole. I bet you could hit 120 easy.


Yeah, try leaning back a little more, or think chest high when you are preparing the descent, and keep it high while going up. I like to think that I'm breathing into the back of my rib cage so that my ribs really expand out to the side and toward the back, that gives good support for the core. Hard to explain, but if you know how to breath properly for singing, it's kind of like that.

Also, just keep adding the weights and you'll get there. I don't particularly care for the lower bar position but to each his own.


I got the impression watching the vid that it was not so much the weight as form issues holding you back. Really, you looked like the weight itself was cake once you got yourself moving a bit more correctly. Hard to tell, but it looks like you might have the bar a bit high as well.