Squat/ Knee Pain

I get slight knee pain on my left or the right knee whenever i squat. Even with bodyweight squats. The pain is very light like a 1 or 2 out of 10. Should i be wary and stop doing squats? How should i approach this? Should i stick to single legged work for a while? I have tried everything I have tried deloading to lower weights and doing higher reps, I have tried endless warm up sets make sure my body wasn’t lose. but i always get slight knee pain.

I’ve been having this pain since i started lifting i just ignored it since it wasn’t severe chronic pain, i managed to get upto a 210 squat, but i’ve been stuck with that same squat number for the last 5 or 6 months.

Lifting Background: I have been lifting on and off for around a year, I have a 185 bench a 210 squat and a 280 deadlift.

Would appreciate some help with this.

I think we all get some pain, but you need to keep an eye on it. Where on the knee is the pain? Have you tried wraps? How wide do you squat? Is it the day after or during squats?

I wrap my knees for both squats and leg press, that has helped eliminate knee pain. Also make sure your squating correctly; there are a bunch of videos out there on squat technique.

I have knee pain on top of my knees. I have not tried wraps because I wanted to strengthen my knee instead of using knee wraps as a crutch. I squat moderately wide but I have slight pain even when I squat very widely. I usually get the pain on the day of the squat.

I mean maybe I’m just trynna be idealistic the pain idnt crippling by any means, it usually goes away after a day or so.

Read up on patella tendonitis. Some good vids on Youtube by AthleanX.

Sometimes narrowing your stance a little more, pointing your toes more forward, and trying to sit back into your hips can help. I’ve had knee pain creep up here and there, as most others have too, and the three things I mention above have always helped.

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