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Squat Issues Out the Hole


I have just returned to the site to see 3/4 of my posts are gone and a lot of others, so I guess ill be the only posting this again. I like to squat deep like on oly lifter however I squat lowbar, this causes me to fold over coming out the hole causing strain my lower back. I have a very hard time squatting in high reps because of the struggle at the bottom. I can barely hit 80% for a triple. any advice on anything to help me getting up better? I recently saw david troutt squatting like this except I go a bit lower than him.


I took a look at David Troutt’s squat and it used a lot of hip drive, especially for a narrow-moderate stance. That makes his squat, even if he did go deeper not much like an Oly squat. Oly squat is more than just high bar with a narrow stance. It also means a lot of knee drift forward and fighting to keep your back as close to perpendicular to the floor as possible. which I did not see in his squat videos.

Having said all that, if your good morning the weight coming out of the hole, you may what to do some paused squats and front squats. You could even pause the front squats in the hole which could be good if your upper back is rounding causing you to fold over.

Your description of you squat style appears inconsistent with David Trout’s squat. So which is it,
do you squat like Trout or do you squat like an Oly lifter?

Regardless, it would really help if you put a video up. Sometimes our perceptions do not match up to what’s really happening during a lifting movement. It’s not uncommon for posters to ask a question about one issue, then after seeing a video it becomes apparent that there’s something different going on or other issues in addition to the OP.


Make sure you have taken that deep breath in, core is braced and lats are engaged.

If all that is okay, push your elbows forward as you transition into and out of the hole.

Also work on mobility. This could be tripping you up.


If your issue is out of the hole paused squats should go a long way to fixing that.


I will try to get a vid from my phone. but what I was trying to say is I like to squat much deeper than troutt although we a have similar style, causing that back folding over like you see from him


Your quads are most likely too weak to keep up with the weight. Program in a front squat day.

Also, don’t lead with your hips out of the hole, lead with your t-spine. Your body isn’t going to forget to stand up.


Try Anderson Squats. They are easier to do with front squats, but the gist is starting at the bottom and lifting up. They are a lot harder. People give me shit for this, but you could also do a full zercher cycle, which is like a paused squat but a lot harder.