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Squat Issue (Imbalance)


I have an issue with squats. When I start coming out of the hole my left side/leg seems to power me up faster than the right. I think this is because of a lower back injury I had about 6 months ago. I am in no pain now or when I do squats but I'm a little worried that this imbalance will start to become a problem and cause a serious injury.

Anyone experience anything similar? Have any tricks to correct this? I started doing split squats since I figure single leg exercises could be a way to correct this.


Weighted step ups. Choose a step up box height thuswise: Stand on the ball of one foot and put the other foot flat on the step up box. The thigh of the leg on the step up box should be parallel to the ground in order to get good hamstring and glute activation. When you do your step ups make sure that the foot on the ground is on the heel otherwise you will be using that leg's calf to aid your step up. I put a backpack on filled with weight plates.


Unilateral work is an option for the time being, but with some flexibility work and some foam rolling you should be able to get the tissue up to a healthy enough level to be able to use both sides equally well.


I find it happens from time to time.

I usually correct it using hip mobility exercises (which are now a staple prior to and following all leg work). See 'smittydiesel' on youtube.

I always figured it had something to do with my hip joint. It has gotten a lot better.


Definitely start doing mobility work regularly, and take note of differences in movement and ROM on either side and work to getting the lagging side equal or as close to the other side as you can. Also be careful when you load your squat with an imbalance like this, look at warming up like you are getting blood flow, aligning joints, and making your body more pliable before getting under the bar.

Here's one of the videos Teledin was referring to