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Squat is Stuck at 72kg


Been training since feb this year, doing 5x5
I am eating over 3000 calories a day, first time i got to 72kg on the squat i stalled so then took 10% off the bar and worked my way back up and again i'm stuck at 72kg.

Any help would be welcome


A video would be awesome.

Also, if you're 6' tall and still weighing in the 150's, you need to eat more. You're clearly not eating enough right now.


To be fair, based on your last thread, you've been doing your own version of 5x5, which several people suggested against.

What did you weigh in February?

x2 on both of these.

Technique could be the most simple answer. But your body feeling unstable and wanting to simply buckle under the weight could be another.


Video and post your other stats please


I actually didn't do my own version of the 5x5 and went back to the basics and that's where the problem is. Everytime i do front squat after back squat, i get alot stronger but then people are telling me not to do this.

Monday goes like this.
Squat 5x5
bench press 5x5
weighted chin ups 5x5
i also thow in some neck work but nothing hard


...the answer is still eat more and post a video.

That being said, if what you're currently doing isn't working, and you know something else works, why aren't you doing the thing that works? Common sense buddy.

When I was in my early 20's, a few people told me my shoulders were too big. So I stopped working my shoulders. Soon after, I ended up with a shoulder tear, because I had weak shoulders. The moral of the story: other people don't always know what they're talking about. You have to do what works for you.


6 weeks ago, you laid out two programs and pretty much said "this is how I'm training." I apologize for misunderstanding that that wasn't how you were training.

Two months ago, when you asked about doing back and front squats in the same session, I literally told you that if it worked for you, do it. The Mighty Stu also posted and basically agreed. Other posters have also told you to stick with it in other threads. It might be "against the rules", but at the end of the day, if it works, it works.

Important Note, kids: Every piece of information you'll ever see in an article, post, book, video, or whatever, it's all speaking generally. You always need to compare it to the results you actually see from what you actually do in the gym.

If an article, poster, or scientific study says something isn't supposed to work, but it's something you do and see legit, measurable progress from, then it works. Period.

And again, what did you weigh back in February?


From now on i'll be doing it, you guy's are right. And i havn't actually gained alot of weight since. So my food intake isn't enough, i weighed pretty much the same or at least i think so since i havn't weighed myself in month's now.

I'll post a video on my squat on each set so you guy's get an idea of what happens. I squat high bar by the way. Thanks alot guy's