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Squat is stronger than Deadlift (w/ videos)

415lbs low bar squat but I struggle with a 405lbs deadlift. I actually tried a 405lbs deadlift after my 415lbs squat and missed it.

Can anyone help? Form off? Do you see weaknesses?

That squat looked pretty close to max effort. Maybe you were just smoked and your body said “nope” on that first 405 pull.

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This plus it looks like you might be cutting your squat a little bit high. It’s hard to judge from that camera angle, but cutting your squat above parallel will usually add a few pounds to it. Your deadlift technique looks fine, how have you been training your deadlift?

I was running Conjugate at the time of the deadlift I’ve since changed to Texas Method. So only Deadlifting for 1 set of 5 on Saturdays. Also the Deadlift video was actually a few months prior to the squat video.

Were you doing speed deadlifts every week when you ran conjugate? If not, that would definitely explain it and either way it sounds like it might just be a lack of practice since you are doing only one work set a week now. What do you do on volume day, power cleans? You would probably do better with deadlifts for volume day, there is no reason you can’t recover from pulling twice a week if you don’t do too much of any one day. Just start with conservative weights if you are going to add another DL session.

On the dead your shoulders were ahead of the bar. Hit YouTube and watch Boltons deadlift tips.