Squat Info

I have been doing squats for my leg training. I started working out about a year ago, and found some major development in the leg area and 'am loving it. I was just curious as to what kind of squats do you guys recommend for maximum growth. I have been doing the parallel to the floor kind as of yet. The other day I saw the only other guy who squats at the local gym, do deep squats and obviously he had superb leg muscles. Is this TAO of Squat training? Please advice me and thanks in advance.
PS I usually do three sets of lunges before I start my squat work and finish it of with 4 sets of heavy concentrated Leg presses. At the moment I do six sets of squats, do you think I should do 3 parallel squats and three full squats? I work my legs once a week.

Just mix it ALL up all the time. Sets, reps, tempo, rest periods, change it every couple of weeks or so. Add in some front squats, change stance while squating, throw in some deadlifts… there’s no one magic formula. You have to keep changing to grow.