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Squat in Wrestling Shoes Today

The fist time I have ever squatted in wresting shoes was today…Made the exercise feel TOTALLY different. My first rep with 405 I almost feel backwards because of being so used to my normal shoes.

I genuinely liked using them-can’t wait to see what happens with Deads.

hey Alpha,
what kinda footwear did you lift in before?
if you want a real experience check out “Barefoot Lifting” in articles section.
or get a pair of Vibram 5s.

i highly recommend it.

Yeah i read it-i wish i could lift in bare feet but I lift in a Gold’s and I’m pretty sure the owner will attempt to rape me if I get caught

I just saw a video this past week of Greg Panora pulling 8 something in socks.

I just started wearing chucks to the gym a few weeks ago and i love it. I had the same problem as you, I had to ditch the bar at one point doing front squats and take a step back so I didn’t end up with my ass on the ground, it just took getting use to. But flat shoes rock for deads.

Ever since I lifted, I wore shoes when squatting, but I always told my friends it felt like I was on my toes tipping forward and I was off balance, and it wasn’t till last summer that a guy recommended taking off my shoes. I tried it, and I’ve never wore shoes while squatting since.

I always wear wrestling shoes when I lift. I leave them untied and they are very comfortable.

For squats I got a pair of Safe Contenders and I love them…so much easier to hit depth! Takes awhile to get used to them though as they are very stiff.