Squat Improvement Plan

So, I incorporated some of the advice from you guys, and some of my own methodology, into improving my squat. Happy to say that it is working; I hit a 275 lb. front squat yesterday on my third set, and after 225X5, 275X5, and 315X2 high-bar squats I took 345 really deep and came up with it like it was my first rep of the day.

Static holds, weighted abs, and mid-back rowing/pulling movements are helping a lot to increase my thoracic strength and keep from folding over. I’m down 6 pounds bodyweight too, so I’m getting stronger as I cut weight.

Thanks guys!

Great work man. Keep up the good work!

Great work man. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! Manipulating carbs, trying to get down to 200 lbs. from 225/226. Woke up at 219 today. Gonna go for a light hypertrophy week soon, and then take new maxes so I can build a new program.