Squat Imbalance

I hurt my ankle in August and my left leg shriveled up. Anyways, ive been working out since then but i still have a leg imbalance between my right and left leg. when i squat i know my right leg is used more(it looks and is stronger). Furthermore, I often get very tight in my right leg aswell(not the left leg). Particularly, the right ass muscle, and the muscle right under your hip bone.

what to do…

1 thing you might try is lunges & Balgarian split squats. low reps with your left leg to increase strength and hypertrophy. Higher reps with your right leg to just maintain strength. Make sure you go through the full range of motion when doing the exercises. And when your done, do some laying toe touches, standing side bends, laying leg curl stretches(standind if you cant do them laying)…each for 20sec/4x’s.
Check once a month buy seeing if you can do as much single leg with your left as right, if you cant check again next month…same thing with the flexibility. This is what I would try.