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Squat Imbalance Question

Hey everyone,

I recently recorded myself squatting and found that there is a weird hitch in my technique. I don’t have any pain when doing squats but on video it’s something I definitely want to correct before it does result in an injury. I’m not sure if it’s because one side is tighter than the other or just one leg is stronger than the other but definitely want to see if anyone has experienced or corrected a similar technique flaw. Video below:


I’ve seen a couple people at our gym have a very similar issue, and I remember we were Googling the issue and found out it was pretty common.

The first thing they did was making sure their set-up for the squat was symmetrical. Middle, of the bar, feet at the same angle, etcetera

Two, making sure the execution was symmetrical. Knee tracking, etcetera

Three, addressing any flexibility imbalances from the ankles to the hips.

People might start talking about limb lengths, hip cups, and some other bullshit-- I know I did. But, for them they really focused on consciously executing their squat with perfection, keep the hips level throughout the squat, and within a few months time it was a forgotten issue.

Watch your right leg. Your “shin” is all over the place, are your knee doesn’t know if it should come in or go out.

Is that right foot super flat and busted down?
Check out dude’s demonstration on the skeleton.

Walking around barefoot with ankle weights is good too.