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Squat - How Much Depth?


How much depth should I do for the Squat????


as far as you can go- or at least parallel, if its not parallel, then its not gonna help you grow, trust me and everyone else on this thread, they wont steer you wrong


What is your overall goal?

If you primarily want bigger quads, then squat as low as possible atg if you can.

If you want to squat maximal weight and or compete in PLing, squat to parallel, and do box squats.


My goal is to get stronger and so squat parallel then but will that still give me good quads gains?


My quads started growing faster when I started going atg. I started with very skinny legs, so initially it was a struggle. Weights are considerably lower than for parallel.




If you want bigger quads do very deep front squats.

If you want to squat the biggest weight possible use a wide stance and go to about a parallel depth (this will give you very strong hamstrings, glutes and lower back).


So if your powerlifter or a bodybuilder just go as deep as you can thats cool cheers mate


HELLO! watch yourself in the mirror, and at the point where you start to notice spinal flexion, you gotta start a little above that and work on your hip flexibility. good luck.


Never ever watch yourself in the mirror, it will ruin your form.



Yeh I remember reading that some were and cheers for the site mate its really good