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Squat: Hips Shooting Back Enough to Be Told to Re-Rack it ASAP?

Hello. Can you please take a look at the attached squat video? I was in the middle of my squats and one of the trainers said that my hips were shooting back excessively, which was putting strain on my lower back, and asked that I re-rack the bar ASAP (perhaps my back was going to explode and make a mess).

Are you seeing that as well? I’m not sure if it is just my style of squat, but I feel more powerful when my first move is a move up with my hips.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Maybe a little. Nothing I would ever stop someone mid set over.

It could be that he is creating a problem for you that he has the solution for… if you pay him.


I’d say he’s drumming up some new business. Does he look like he squats?


It did not look bad. It was not perfect, but there is nothing wrong on leaning forward on squats.

The 2nd and 3rd rep looked like you were placing stress on your back at an awkward angle. If you had more weight on the bar, you could get hurt. But, who the fuck is he to tell you to rack your shit? Is it is the agreement that trainers can tell you what to do?

Rep 1 on the left, rep 4 on the right. Bottom position and coming up from the hole.

There’s some fatigue showing, but nothing whatsoever to warrant interrupting a set and “making you” rack the weight, especially if he doesn’t know you personally, your current capabilities, goals, pre-existing injuries or lack thereof, etc.

The guy’s a doofus, desperate for clientele and thinks rescuing you is his “in” to get on your radar in a position of expertise. That kind of “professionalism” gives trainers a bad name.

And did you say “My back or my chin?” and he said “Both”? I’m curious to know how the rest of the conversation unfolded after.


100% everything Chris said.

There’s stuff I’d change on the squats but nothing I’d stop you mid set for. Jesus, the balls on some people. I bet if you were squatting 500 he’d say nothing.

I think trainer guy dislikes Ripplestiltskin and his squat style (eyes down, low bar, hip driven) is projecting onto you.


Have you considered starting your own log here?

Yes, he stopped my last set and said my chin was all out of position, too, and should be tucked more. He also mentioned my upper back was rounding too much.

Honestly, I don’t feel anything in my lower back, but granted, the weight was 190 so perhaps if I was squatting 500, it would be more of an issue.

Should I stop the squats and do a one-legged bosu ball with 5 lb curls instead?


It was also putting strain on your legs and core, squats are a great exercise.


It looked okay to me. Def nothing to stop a set over.

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Wasnt a fucking thing wrong with that squat based on the style you was using.Was the guy looking at you from the back or the side?


The hip drive cue (a la Ripplestiltskin, love that) helped a bunch when figuring out my squat technique, just focus on keeping the torso connected to the hips as one unit when you come back up out of the hole. This video helped with that.

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I mean that’s a valid reason for hating his squat style but not stopping him. Total dick move.


Sort of a 45* angle from the side (off of my left hip).

Agreed. Grabbing up somebody else’s phone is impolite too.


He also looks like he doesn’t even LIFT!

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i didnt catch that until I re watched the video. Would be interested in seeing the gentleman in question squat.

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He’s full of shit. You had some slight deviation in technique as the set went on, but that’s what happens. There was never any danger of anything.

I would actually recommend looking straight ahead or slightly up. This chin tucking thing is nonsense.