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Squat Help

I just started bulking a week ago and began squatting for the first time two weeks ago. I’m trying to get good form down. The only problem is I’m 6’5 with legs like a giraffe. I don’t have lower back issues with it but when I go down it’s tough getting parallel and it feels like my ass goes too far out. I read in a Dave Tate article that box squats can help this?

20 years old
6’5 209lbs

Any advice would be appreciated.

Im sure my legs arent as long as yours but leaning fwards more helps… bit of a wider stance helps to… Find a box at paralel for you and just free weight squat until you find where your most comfortable

Ok. Could a block underneath my heels help also? I don’t want to lean too far forward or back, just go right down.

[quote]I’m Loathin’ It wrote:
Ok. Could a block underneath my heels help also? I don’t want to lean too far forward or back, just go right down.[/quote]

Id say no learn to sqaut regular. BUT if this is purley for aesthetics. Yhea it may help.

Goblet squat.

September 1, 2006, that’s the first day I squatted with weight at the gym. The first time I lifted was in October of 1999, so it’s not like I just started lifting.

My advice, do what I did. Do squats for 1-3 months at home with your own body weight to develop proper form. When I started doing this (summer '06) the repetitions amounted to single digits, and four or so sets. My legs were aching however everytime for the next few days, so I as pretty sure I was building muscle.

I knew the time had come to actually man up to the squat rack when I was doing 5 sets of 25 reps at home (again, just with my body weight).

So you know what happened. My first time squatting at the gym I found myself doing 2-6 reps at 135 pounds at the squat rack! I guess I built up some muscle afterall. My form starting out was not perfect of course, but now after squatting for a full month, and practicing my form at that weight, my thighs are parallel to the ground.

Hope that helps, squats are fun!

When tall people back squat, they tend to use their glutes more than their quads. If you are squatting as a bodybuilding movement, I suggest trying to squat with a board or a weight plate under your heels. This will allow you to get your depth more easily and will emphasize the quads. You might also try front squats. If your looking to be a power lifter, then you might work on the box squat. Regardless, good form in the squat takes a long time to learn.

Ok, I’m not sure what the proper term is, but almost all gyms have them. The step up squares that they use in areobic (hope I spelled that right) class. Grab the long one that you would put on top of the squares by itself. Just place it flat on the floor and put your heels on the edge of it with your toes touching the floor. Heels should be shoulder width apart or maybe even a lil more if you’d like. Now slowly drop down into a full squat or better with just your body weight. This exersice will allow you to go as low as you’d like and it really works the quads, especially the front quads when you hit it deep. As you get used to the form and feel of it, you can add weight by holding dumbells in your hands. I usually do this exersice towards the end of my workout after I have completed all squats on the squat rack, leg presses, lunges, and leg extensions. It would work good for you since you are completely new to squatting and it will help build your foundation. I usually can’t go too heavy on this exersice cause it is rather difficult when you go as low as possible as well as the muscles being prefatigued. Anyways, try it out and see if it works for you. I feel everyone should use it. It’s alot like a true hack squat. Good luck.

Thanks for the advice. This will help cause I’m trying to get good form on all of my compound lift since I’m a beginner. I had to correct myself a few days ago doing deadlifts - was doing 220lbs thinking it was great, until I realized my back was rounded! My lifts are terribly weak, as is my muscle foundation, but I’m hoping this will change in a few years.