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Squat Help!

Hey Guys, I’m 6’4’’ and 195 pounds. When I squat my back bends to an agnle of around 45 degrees, even when I do body weight squats or just the bar. If I put thick plates under my feet (45s) I can squat without a problem. Is this a flexibilty issue? If so, what should I stretch? Thanks

being that tall its probably your back that is a “weak” spot for you, I had the same problem. try doing good mornings, stifflegged deads, and regular deadlift, also try doing box squats till your technique comes up.
good luck

Yes if it stays Straight with plates then sure you need to Stretch. That and also like the above elluded to at your height strenghten that core to avoid the back caving in. Lots or low back and ab work.