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Squat Help

Can some one give me an article/advice about how to properly squat?

I used to squat with my arms wrapped around the bar, rather than my hands under the bar.

I dont really like squatting this new way, but id rather squat with good form than bad.

Also, when i get to the bottom of my lift, i tend to lean forward with my chest. is there any way to fix this?

Thanks alot



This is Dave Tates’s Squatting head to Toe. This style of squatting is more posterior chain based but the same prinicples can be applied if you are a close stance quad dominant squatter.

Sexy squatting

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look strait up at the ceiling,it helps me because when i see the ceiling gettin closer i know im gettin so i push harder

There were quite a few posts on full squatting recently, so search for them. Also, there is a current post somewhere with videos of OLers squatting, where you can see what ideal form looks like. Mike Robertson’s articles are golden, there are two of them dealing esp. with squat.

Be aware that powerlifting (PL) and athletic/olympic full squat are actually two completely different exericses. Some people, like C. Thibaudeau or Glenn Pendlay, think that unless you’re competing in PL, you should mainly stick to full squats.

Some of the differences are:

  • In OL squat, you squat down, between your legs. Your shins will probably come over your toes. In PL squat, you squat sit back, trying to keep your shins perpendicular to the ground.

  • In OL squat, you keep your head in neutral position, looking straight in front of you on ascent. In PL squat, many competitiors look up at the ceiling.

  • In OL squat, you use a narrow grip on the bar, somewhat wider than shoulder width. In PL squat, you use a much wider grip, almost to the end of the bar.

  • And of course, in OL squats you go all the way down. In PL squats, you go somewhere like 55-70% down, depending on your leverages.