Squat Help

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5’ 8"
Squat: 350
Deadlift: 300
Bench: 250
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I am an intermediate lifter with about one and half years under my belt. As advertised, my question is squat based. When I unrack and move back, I often have problems setting my foundation. I often feel like I am pushing off of one leg on the way up. Do any vets have any hints on getting in the stance quick to avoid wasting time shuffling?

Just a suggestion…

Settle bar on traps. Grip and bar setup across your back should be symmetrical. Take a big breath, flex your lats and abs hard, stick out your sternum, and stand up with the weight. You are trying to lift the weight vertically out of the rack. Your feet should be at least shoulder width. Starting with a close stance than widening in the setup is possible but error is magnified. Once you are standing erect, left foot slides back and out in one movement, then right foot. Your foot should go directly to the toe out amount you desire, but you have to figure that out ahead of time. You end up with a three phase setup:

  1. Stand erect
  2. Left foot back and out
  3. Right foot back and out.

-You can slide either foot first. The slide versus step is to conserve energy. You foot may leave the ground entirely but will stay very close to the ground.
-Set the bar in the rack so it is on the edge nearest you of the hooks/pins the bar rests in. Less distance you have to walk it out.
-Practice doing this the same way on every set. Another reason low reps and higher sets are good.