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Squat Help

The last few weeks that I’ve been squatting it feels like I’m pushing off much harder with my right side (dominant side). I don’t feel as if I’m crooked going down but coming up it just doesn’t feel right.

I have been doing 2x18 @ 225 on Waterbury’s TBT.

Should I knock the weight down and concentrate on form again?

Maybe it’s a stupid question.

Perhaps you should try a more unilateral leg movement like lunges or split squats with the rear leg on a bench for a while.
If you are favoring one leg they will certainly show you and give you a chance to address it.

It could be that your SI joint (in the hip) is tight. Go to a good physio that practices active release theoropy. They might be able to cure this problem for you. I get the same thing in my hips, at times it feels like one of my legs is a foot longer than the other.
Good luck

That’s exactly how it feels. I can always tell when I get setup that it’s not going to go right. At times my left side will never get comfortable in my foot position and then my squat just suffers.

I’ll check into the physio option.

It’s probably because your doing 18 reps of a multi-joint CNS taxing movement, therefore fatigue sets in and your body goes to it’s security blanket of the dominate bodypart. Lower the reps to 2 to 10, and throw some weight on the bar. Use your squat assistance work for the reps or how ever you workout.