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Squat help!

I have been having a problem squatting for the past week or so. It seems when I go down, my hip flexors are EXTREMELY TIGHT esp. on the right hand side. I am an avid stretcher (well, I always stretch after working out and sometimes on other days). I can think of two things–

  1. I have been using squats in every program I have done for the past 4-5 months. Is it time for a break from squats? Maybe do some single leg bulgarian type.

  2. Should I do deads before squats even if I had been prioritizing hams and glutes over quads in 2 out of the last 3 programs??

What stretches would you guys recommend??

Any Help is appreciated.

Check out Dave Tate’s article “Squatting from head to toe”. It is a T-Mag article so you should be able to find it in here somewhere. Also you can check out Dave’s website elitefitnesssystems.com. It is a powerlifting site so it is perfect to learn how to squat.