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Squat Help


I'm trying to improve my hip hinge on squats and get my posterior muscles more involved. I'm attaching a video and would really appreciate any advice you can give. My form is far from perfect I know so every little bit will help. Thanks in advance.


Form doesn’t look that bad, kinda hard to tell with the video angle. 3 things that I really started hammering to help my posterior chain are glute ham raise, weighted hip thrusts and good mornings. I hit those 3 assistance every squat and dead lift day.


I really can’t tell much of anything from the angle. If you can get it right side up and a better angle I think you’ll get more replies and replies that are more helpful. Ideally, a video straight from the side at about knee height and recorded from or zoomed further out.


If you want to get your posterior chain more involved wear a flat shoe and widen your stance