Squat Help!

I’ve been stuck on 205 for some time on squats. Does anyone know any good plateau breakers for squats?

Would really heavy quarter squats help? Only reason I ask that is when I was doing rack pulls for a month or two, my regular deadlift skyrocketed, so I was wondering if I could translate a heavy partial to squats.

What does your current program look like?


How are you working up to that weight?

How are your other leg exercises doing?

How much more muscle have you gained recently?

I’m basically following this:


My deadlift is pretty good. Since I started doing rack pulls in this workout, my deadlifts have gone up significantly(even though the program doesnt call for it, I do em every once in a while to see how my strength gains are doing).

I’ve gained some good muscle in my quads and hamstrings, but I haven’t actually measured it.

To work up to that set I usually go something like 135, 165, 195, 205, 205.

[quote]rock27 wrote:

Thanks! This looks helpful!

Read the articles written by Dave Tate on squatting.

Try increasing your range of motion while working on acceleration.

supposing that your diet is decent, how many reps is this for?

assuming you can do 205 for 5 reps try going for 210, you dont have to increase the weight a lot all the time even if its a squat.

also dont do a lot of warm up, personally i do like 5150, 2230, 1250 and then go for 35*250 or something like that.

even if you get 3 reps for 210 try again next time. and just keep pushing.

i had stayed for 2 months on 170 on squats, partly to get better flexbility partly cause i thought i was doing them wrong and i was afraid of injury. now my squat has gone up to 250 in a month.

be careful not to get injured