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Squat Help Please

Hey all, me again.

Take a look at my squat videos. I go into lumbar flexion when I hit the hole, I’m doing this with 60kg on my back. I did some free squats and it still happens. The next couple of vids just wanna check if I’m hitting legal IPF depth. How’s the lumbar flexion with those?

My belt kind of hides it I think. Any help to stop this from happening? I am consciously trying to arch my back through each rep but it still happens. FYI, I do feel tight during the set, no low back pain but I know it’s not right.


60kgx3 squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCP4eZ18FLg

157.5kgx2 squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqwN3DQ3MDU

160kgx1 squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmyJwsekguM

Insufficient flexlibility in glutes and hamstrings would be my guess, do you do any work for mobility/flexibility? 160kgs squat was IPF legal!

That is a decent looking squat guy.

It appears as if you ‘relax’ momentarily at the point where you change directions. Although the flexion begins a bit before this point, this is when it looks most pronounced. All but the truly gifted have some flexion during deep squatting & those are deep squats. ‘The hip joint equal to or below the knee joint’

Polishing squat form is a lifetime pursuit.

That amount of lumbar flexion is fairly normal. Flexibility of the hamstrings and glutes can play a part, but I don’t think in your case. Those are nice deep squats. The only thing I would critique would be to say to try to get your elbows a little more forward.

Those squats look good. The 160kg was a peach of a lift. Good depth and lumbar flexion didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary to me.

Yeah, I don’t think your belt was hiding anything… the heavy squat looked good to me. There is some lumbar flexion on the warm-up though… not sure what that is about.

Work on taking fewer steps while you walk the weight out. Two big, confident steps back is all you should need. Try to avoid getting into the habit of shuffling your feet when you walk out. I had a training partner who used to do that every time he walked a squat out and he caught his foot on the ground once and went flying over backwards.

Your heavier squats technique was better than the warm-up ones. Both the 2rep and 1rep squat had good depth + good speed + the barbell moved all the way from top to bottom and from bottom to top in a straight line - 5/5 for the technique and weight.

the first warm-up one looks like you don’t stand quite fully erect, you start off kinda hunched over, and on 2nd, 3rd rep you loose the arch in lower back, gets rounded.

the heavier sets actually look better. well below parralel.

You are flexible dude, I give you props.

Thanks for all the feedback!

I do about 15 mins of stretching before and after. I am considering the foam roller but 30 mins a session of stretching already sounds like a lot. Here’s what I do for stretching, any suggestions would be good.

Preworkout/dynamic stretch:
Cat/camel * 15
Side twist * 10 each side
Supine scorpion * 8 each side
Warrior lunge hip flexor stretch * 15-30 secs
Anterior-posterior leg swings * 10 each side
Side-to-side leg swings * 10 each side
Static calf stretch * 15-30 sec (rehab for some lig damage a couple of months ago)

Postworkout/static stretch:
Lumbar spinal erector/glute stretch
Thoracic spinal erector stretch
Hamstring stretch
Forward lumbar flexion stretch * 2 (legs outstretched+legs bent in)
Quad stretch
Lat hangs (back traction)