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Squat Has Gone Way Down


I've been doing a cut for the past 11 weeks and in that regard I've made a lot of progress. Down from 185-170 (35in waist-31.75in waist). Bench is actually up from the start (225x1-225x5), deadlift is the same (385x3), chinups have gone up, but my squat is down from 275x5-275x1. \

Leg presses are the same, front squats are too, only back squat has gone down. I just felt like i lost all the pop in the bottom position and just got pinned underneath it. My core remained tight the whole time. Should I even be concerned and if so, what should I do to correct it. Thanks for any help ya'll can provide.


You might have had an off day, it happens. But honestly when cutting and eating fewer calories, it's no surprise lose a little strength.

OH, and I'll save everyone else the trouble: "You're not even 200 lbs yet and you're cutting?"


"You're not even 200 lbs yet and you're cutting?"

No trouble saying that, thanks for helping out :slight_smile:


How deep is your squat? Parallel? Also, how often do you do front squats in relation to your back squat? I had the same problem 6 months ago because I front/back squatted equally which built my quads too much and hams not enough.

I suggest shaking things up: try doing back squats : front squats 2 : 1 frequency, and perhaps start doing full, olympic style squats (start with low weight) at least some of the time to build the "pop in the VERY bottom position."