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Squat Frequency


How often do you guys squat/ week?


Back once front every day


Back squat 3 times a week - front squat once, used more as an accessory exercise


Depends on the weakness. Usually 4x a week, 2x back and 2x front…or more. If one is more of a weakness than another, that changes.


for most of the athletes that I coach I recommend 3 squat sessions a week. But I am experimenting with 2 squat sessions, we will see how it goes.


Thanks for all the replies guys


Wait? is this really pendlay? If it is, more info would be appreciated. All back squat or alternating or back and front as one session?


yes this is glenn pendlay. my normal routine that I have used for all the lifters I have had over that last 20 years is usually back squatting twice per week and front squatting once. however recently i have been experimenting with back squatting and front squatting together in one workout.


I for one would love to hear what a dual squat session and programming looks like if you’re offering.


Don’t wanna be a dick or anything but is there way of verifying your identity?


You shouldn’t need to. Glenn seems to be a fan of forum discussion on the sport.

No disrespect Glenn, welcome to T-nation. We need some action here.


As in The Texas Method?


He also popped up the day a Pendlay article was posted, so it makes sense.


Does me saying “yes, it’s him” count for anything? Because, yes, it’s him.


Oops. Sorry for seeming like an ass, nice to see you on T Nation Coach Pendlay.


Other than you can’t just say “yes, it’s him”, yes, that counts. :wink:


Are you and John planning on any more pod cast coach? And how’s the rowing going


i am not sure i can prove who i am. i have had this log in on this forum for years. i have not posted for a LONG time, but with my new article out on


no, jon has backed out of every single seminar we planned together, indluding ones several years ago. so I am just done trying to work with him.


Glad to see you back here coach. You’ve been gone a LONG time!