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Squat Frequency


I quit lifting altogether for almost 9 months.

I recently began lifting again ive been squatting 3x a week.

Mon- heavy triples working up to a 3 rep max.

Wed- maintenance at 80% 3x5

Friday- triples working up to a one rep max.

This has been working fantastic for my squats but its fuking my deadlifts all up. Legs sore so my deadlift is slacking.

Would i still benefit say if i only squat Monday and Friday and do Deads weds? Would there be much of a loss cutting out that maintenance day? Thoughts? Thanks guys.


Ugh… New Years resolutioners… lol

But I’d say it would depend on how much your max is and what your overall volume is like on your two other days. My main cautionary note would be to remember that building strength and displaying strength are different, so if you’re going to have a low volume, high intensity phase to jack up your ability to display strength you may want to have something else planned for when your gains stall out.


No new years resolutioner here lol.

I did mostly powerlifting for about 2 years. My stats were 505 squat 535 Deadlift 335 bench not too impresive at 198 but i love the sport. I took a nine month break because my new born aon needed a few surgeries. My strength is coming back i hit 385 for a triple on the squat today. I do have a rebound for when my strength stalls out. Im gonna go back to wendler 3/5/1 plus joker sets for a few cycles. Just trying to ride out this linear progression till i stall.


I was just busting your stones man XP

Then I’d say go for it, it’ll be a good way to get some top end strength and confidence under the bar back. I just cautioned you on that because I ended up wasting months last year because I kept trying to bust through a wall with singles and triples instead of taking a step back and just getting stronger. Best of luck!


You could always squat and DL on the same day, maybe Wednesday DL then do some kind of squat variation like paused squats/front squats etc