Squat Form

Hello, got another problem with squats :X

I noticed that my feet, and then my knees, move outward after I perform a squat. so if my feet were || after a squat they’re /, and then my knees follow. I can’t control it at all, I don’t even feel it happening. I thought it might happen because I have flatfoot? I think I read somewhere that this is a big nono, what should I do?


What??? Your knees should follow your feet. It is next to impossible for my feet to move when I squat unless it is really light weight. I don’t know how it is possible that you can’t control it. Regardless, I squat with my feet pointed out. There is nothing wrong with that.

you’re knees should push out slightly. nothing wrong with that, but i have no idea how you’re feet can be moving. you should be driving you heels through the floor anyway, that’s your anchor

Mmm, ok I see. And it does happen without me controlling it. I try to keep em straight and they twist. The heel stays put.

So, is it ok that my knees and feet point outward? it’s a bit more than slightly.
Thanks. Also I thought about going to the gym on my off days and working on my new exercises, like squats and deadlifts. I want them to be on par with the rest of my execises asap.

hey Mosho,

Might want to check this out:

Lots of very good tutorials on squatting and the like.

feet should point out at roughly the 11 and 1 position on a clock. the straighter you point them the more tension on your hips, the more likely your knees will drift forward, and harder to get to below parallel. pointing them further out than 11 and 1 will be easier to get down but puts your knee ligmenets in an awkward position and a lot of pressure on your groin.

feet should be planted firmly. you must be using very light weight or leaning back too far if your feet are moving. if you are driving your feet through the floor properly there is no way they will move. should be like glue.

Thanks alot mate, really helpful!

Edit: Got an unrelated (somewhat) question, don’t want to spam the forum so I’ll put it here… Hope someone sees it :smiley:

I’ve been doing TBT for a week now and it’s great, it’s exactly what I like. I’ve been wanting to do HIIT as well, with weights, on 3 of my off days and that leaves me friday or saturdays free. I want to keep lifting, 3 days a week isn’t cutting it for me. What can I do? I’m using carb cycling, 180lbs, 6’, 19% BF ( propably less now ), eating about 3300 calories a day to gain.