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Squat Form

I have superb squat form…at least from what I seen in the mirror, from what I apply from T-Nation’s recommendations on technique, and from what people tell me. However I find this only happens when squatting in hypertrophy range (8-12) (sub-maximal loads).

Right now I’m doing some strength training with maximal loads but I find my back always gives out…yet I have a fairly strong back for a guy my size…I deadlift more than I squat, but I was thinking that since the position of load in the squat and goodmorning situated in the same place i should start doing more goodmornings.

I try everything I could think about, elbows down, chest out, sit back, keeping a slight arch in lower back, head up, arch upper back (emphasizing chest out), activating transverse abdominis for core stabilization to create hydraulic effect and intra-compartmental pressure on erector spinae…EVERYTHING…well that I could think about…anyone got any suggestions

What do you mean when you say your back gives out? How does your form change?

For most people, their back is actually what ends up taking the load when the weight gets too high, and they end up doing a good morning to get the weight up.