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Squat Form

Right now I’m around 175 pounds and im reping 315. Ive always thought my form was good but recently the top of my shoulders have been getting marked up. In other words it looks like some one cut a golf ball in half and placed em on my shoulders. So i dont think im holding the bar right on my back… For some reason It seems like i cant fix the problem nothing feels right but the way im doing it. This ever happen to anyone else? Any sujestions to fix it?

It’s not a problem if it’s only cosmetic.

If it’s causing pain however, then it’s a problem.

Put a towel over your shoulders, or rap it around the bar. As well, hold the bar lower on your back, so you’re forced to pull it into your back to keep it there.

Hmmm…that’s kinda weird. I place the bar lower on my back, it pretty much just rests on my traps and doesn’t touch my shoulders. You might want to ask someone about how you are putting the bar on your back.

These articles may help:



Squeez your traps together to elevate them so they can take more of the load.