Squat Form

ive had a quad/knee injury since late november due to a burgalery and only started squating again about a month ago or so. forms hard to get back to solidly

260lbs for 5

Nothing wrong with your form, although if you’ve had a knee injury, i’d recommend someone spotting you from behind for safety reasons and also knee straps may give you a confidence boost as they’ll tighten your knee up and you’ll be less worried about it buckling.

[quote]texas man wrote:
ive had a quad/knee injury since late november due to a [/quote]

A burglary ? Such as your house got burlarized ?

I’d slow down a little bit. Take a few seconds to reset between reps. Do you hold your breath when you squat? Before you go down, take a huge breath in, allowing your stomach to expand out, which allows your diaphragm to drop, which allows you to get more air in your lungs. Hold that breath, tighten your stomach muscle and keep that through the entire rep. You want your core as solid/tight as possible. Next rep, repeat.

Get some sort of knee sleeves. Even if it’s just for your injured knee. It will keep it warm and have a less chance of hurting it. I can’t really tell if you are setting high bar or low bar (looks low bar). You also need to push your knees out too, it almost looks like your right knee is wobbling a little. (is that the injured one?

Try that and see how it works. You may want to deload slightly if you knee is wobbling a bit. There is nothing wrong with light weights with proper form. Work up slowly and you will be lifting heavy in no time.

You got some wobble at the bottom you need to sure up. Seems like your weight is shifting all over the place. Try to concentrate it over the entire foot and keep it there the entire time.