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Squat Form


Hey, I was just wondering if I could get some advice and critiquing on my squat form. I have only been doing them with a free bar for around 3 months now and I really want to get my form down. Sorry about the poor quality video, but it was the best I could come up with.


good form, good depth too. you sit back really well. keep pluggin away at it man, and soon youll be addin shitloads of weight


as far as i can tell good form all around, you break with your hip and not your knees, back is upright as possible and you are going down to paralel unlike most squaters.
good job keep it going.


looks good man


My opinion is the same as the rest.

Just keep at it, every workout attack those squats and be consistent with it (weeks, months, years) and pretty soon your max will be easy warm up weight.


Nice form but "i think your a pussy and should use more weight"


looking strong dude, hell looks to me like you can even hit ATG without trouble.


Looks good.

Don't let yourself go higher when you start adding more weight. Try and use something to mark the depth and always go to that deep.

Remember chest puffed up and push your heels through the floor!


Sorry to hijack the thread, but I'm sure everyone is sick of new form check threads, so I'm asking here if someone could check out my squat form too!

Much Appreciated.


good stuff


Find/build a squat rack immediately!


Control your way down, and don't rise your hips too fast (as in your last rep). A squat rack would be useful :slight_smile:


The school gym doesn't have one! They do have an evil smith machine though......