Squat Form Tips

Any tips will be appreciated. Looking for things i can do or mental ques to improve

Is your intent to box squat, or are you using the box to measure depth?

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You’re leaning forward pretty far, likely to compensate for your higher bar placement. Have you experimented with lowbar squats?

In my entirely unprofessional opinion, your lower back looks like it is the weak point during your movement. Some assistance work (good mornings, hyperextensions) might do you some good.

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Just to ensure depth. I have a tendency to stop too high so in put the box below so i go deep enough

Yea thats been a problem ever since ive started seeing myself do it. Ill take your suggestions and apply them. My lower back doesnt feel stressed during the movement. Im trying to stay more upright. When i started i was going up on the balls of my feet so i started consciously staying on my heels. But i think now ive over compensated there

I have done low bar (before i even knew there was a difference) but i read high bar hits the quads more

I know this. I often feel squats more in my abductors and less in my quads. I know its a problem. Just need to figure out what to do to fix it

Ive started doing front squats. So maybe that will help

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If it helps any, this video was pretty informative for me

Feel free to watch it or not, I might as well break out in hives when someone recommends a video to me so don’t feel obligated to watch.

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No im all about youtube. I watched that one the other day. But ill watch it again fo sho

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Its a little hard to see from that angle, a video from the side would allow us to see bar path better and from directly behind or in front we can see what you knees are doing.

Firstly this is just my 2c because you asked for it, take it for what it is, I am not an expert. The one thing that stood out to me when I watched this was your head position. You get tight under the bar before you un rack it which is great and have a neutral head position but just as you go to take it off the hooks you lift you chin up high which puts your body in a bad position strength wise. Pause the video at 22 secs and your head is neutral, chin tucked down nicely, then at 23 secs look again, chin right up head cranked right back.

It looks like your upper back is pretty tight but then you pull the bar into you and lock your elbows down as you start the lift. Which maybe suggests there is an opportunity to get tighter in the upper back. The cue I use is squeeze oranges in your armpits. I would also like to see a much bigger belly breath and harder brace into the belt.

As mentioned above a slightly lower bar position could help, but everyone is different. You have the bar up on your traps which would normally mean you need to squat more uprights and down between you legs. Hard to see from this angle.

Have you tried squatting without the box but squatting a little lower. For me that box is a little higher than depth from a powerlifting perspective but it also means you are driving back up, not from the strongest part of the squat because you don’t have a full stretch in you posterior chain. For me that box would be great for box squats but that is a completely different movement. I think the height of the box maybe causing some of that lean forward out of the hole.

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Thanks. Yea i was going without the box until last week. Its the first time i took a video and saw how shallow i was going.

Ill definitely pay more attention to head position now that you mention it. Hadnt.noticed

I appreciate the advice

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I’d get rid of it soon. From the video, you appear to be seeking the box with your body, which is throwing off squat mechanics compared to squatting freely. Learning body awareness of where depth “feels” will go a long way.