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Squat Form Question


So I've been doing tons of research in order to make my squat as CLOSE to perfect as possible. Lately Ive been running a 5x5 program for the last 6 weeks and it actually has helped my squat quite a bit. But the biggest concern I have, is since I took my stance closer and started doing almost an "olympic" style squat, I get pains above my glutes, basically the back side of the hips. Upon investigation of my squat with a video, which I posted in another thread, I noticed I have a "butt wink".

According to the video "So you think you can squat" with EliteFTS, you should first arch your back and sit BACK to initiate the squat. But according to other videos, they initiate both at the same time.

Any advice?


Well I would get the notion that there is a perfect squat form out of your mind, there is no such thing. Also, you don't want over arch to begin the squat, when bracing for a heavy squat. Pretend that the weight is going to fall from the ceiling onto your back, you want everything as tight as possible, your lats engaged, your core engaged. Think of inflating your core and compressing it down. Simple bracing techniques can change alot of what people think is wrong with their squat.

Also post your squat video it will help us get a better idea what you could be doing wrong.


There is no perfect squat; just as good a squat as you can develop with the technique that suits you best.

If you're experiencing pain, reduce your depth until your butt wink is gone or at least minimised.

With arching, I honestly never even thought about it. The only thing I do is try to pull my elbows forward to keep as upright as I can given bar placement and stuff. I just try to get as tight and stable as I can as soon as I get under the bar. Get a big bellyful of air, hold it and squeeze everything until you've rack the bar again.


IMO, the ideal squat/bench/deadlift for an individual is one that balances optimal leverages with maximum muscle fiber recruitment in the entire body. You don't want to lift like a bodybuilder but you also have to be careful sacrificing muscle recruitment for extreme leverages. If you don't feel maximum tightness in all body parts throughout a lift, find out why.