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Squat Form Progress After 4 Months

I posted here about 4 months ago regarding my squat form: A Bad Combination of Caving Knees and Hip Shift

I was having really bad knee collapse and had tourble hitting depth. My tempo was off and I was extremely off balance during the entire movement. You can see that here: Knee Collapse

My approach was rather simple. I took a lot of the weight off, to a point where it was a bit embarrassing to squat at the gym. I powered through that phase and ate a lot more during it. I still am eating significantly more than I was before and am 20 pounds heavier than the video I just linked.

Here I am 4 months later: Squat Progress

For context, in that video, I am squatting the same weight as the first video I posted. I actually do 1 repetition more in this second video.

Along with eating more, I started using the hip abductor machine most gyms have. I would really appreciate any feedback before I start adding more weight to the bar this time around.

Would be nice seeing a side view…But the form looks good IMO just start adding weight onto the bar.