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Squat Form Problems, Please Help

Hi there,

I’m about to start the madcowâ??s 5x5 routine so I went to the gym to test my 5 rep. max., but I realized that my heels are off the floor when I reach the bottom position of the squat (olympic style). I want to fix this problem and the solutions Iâ??ve found so far are:

1.- Start madcowâ??s 5x5 routine while working on hip and knee flexibility so when I start breaking PRs in one month my problem will be fixed. (my 5 rep max is 110 kilos but the program starts light and I wonâ??t squat 110 kilos again until I start the fourth week of the program).

2.- Lower the weight a lot (like 30 kilos less) and squat three times a week (sets of 12) in order to work on my form while working on my knee and hip mobility.

3.- Replace barbel squats for bodyweight squats until I master the form. While I do that I will make deadlifts my main lift in order to maintain my strenght.

*So far I think first option is better because I will be squatting 3 times a week using light weights (actually, I should start week one lifting 110 kilos, but in order to have more weeks to practice, I will start with 100)but maybe someone here has dealt with a similar problem and might give me a different solution.

Please comment.

P.S. I wanted to post a video but the resolution was pretty bad and it is impossible to check my squat clearly.

You really need to post a video. The problem is obviously your mobility so i would lightly recommend:

1] duck unders [ducing under a bar moving laterally [sideways] about 100 times as your warm up. get low]

2] wedging [sit down into full squat and pull your knees forward by holding onto the side of a rack while keeping heels down]

3] supra-regular [everyday] calf and hip strethching. stretch the shir out of your hips and calves.

4] widen your stance a touch


tennis ball massage all your calf muscles plus stretch them after daily. Make sure your mobility and flexibility are up to par, as oly lifting relies on being extremely flexible in the legs and shoulders.