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Squat Form/Mechanics

Need feedback. Everything from head to toe about my squat. I’m 45 yr old male (220pounds)and lifting for about 15 month, before that no lifting experience. The weight on the bar is only 155 pounds. I’ve done 235 a few times but it was very sloppy. Im
looking for a straight up no holds barred critique. Have at it

  1. get the bar off the nape of your neck…drop it down slightly.
  2. Get your upper back tight get the scapula pushed back to create a shelf for the bar too rest.
    3.Keep your elbows under the bar
    4 drop slightly lower …

I’ve had issues with the bar sliding to far down my back hence that why its resting on my neck area. I will give your 2nd point a try. Create that shelf. Thanks dude.Any other thoughts from more people?

This might help…

That certainly helps me. 50+ years of bending my wrists and I’m lucky for no pain there.

What is your goal for the squat? To lift as much weight as possible? to build your legs? to increase athleticism/mobility?

Watched the video … tried it…Much better results. Did it with much less weight but it definitely felt better and more comfortable.

Too lift as much weight as possible. Too me that would be 315 or more. That might not be much but that is the goal right now with my squating.

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We all started somewhere and one point in time we all wanted to squat 1 plate, 2 plates, 3 plates.

Bulldog pretty much hit every thing.

You do need to get tighter in the upper back but you could keep it in that olympicly high bar position but your mechanics look like you are a low bar squatter.

When it comes to moving the most amount of weight low bar is almost unanimously better.

Yep, to lift the most weight, lift like a powerlifter. Bulldog’s got you covered.

I have been having pain in my wrists and elbows. Know I know why. Thanks to Rips video. Good Shot!

Ill be up front and honest, your best option is to find someone in real life that

  1. Knows how to squat
    2.Knows how to coach

Learning form off the internet is not as optimal as learning it in person.

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For clarification… i can do it. But not on the internet.