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Squat Form Issue


Hi guys.
Yesterday I recorded my squat from side view for the first time.Then I found that my Squat form isn’t how people usually low bar Squat.
In this video my form is quite ugly but usually not that bad cuz I didin’t feel well yesterday.But still I notice my form isn’t the typical low bar squat.My torso is quite upright and my knees are forwards toes a lot (which I realize that it’s because I didn’t push knees outward and fixed it later.)
And today I recorded it again.How I always Squat and the Normal Low bar Squat
The first 5 reps is how I Squat now.And the next are low bar squat.
I feel like I’m doing High Bar Squat with low bar position.I dont really feel hip drive and it’s mostly quad-dominant.
But as you can see, when I do low bar squat I kinda have some buttwink.
I don’t know whether I should just stick to my old Sqaut form or I should switch to the normal low bar Squat.
I’m very confused now.Please give me some advice.
Thanks a lot.


Error with video, uploading a working video.


I changed the link.I should be working now.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with your squat. The only issue you have right now is that you are overthinking it. The only thing I would suggest is, try to look up a little more cause that just looks very awkward for you currently.

What’s the purpose of squats to you? To build leg development or to have a heavier squat? Answering this will help us guide you in the right direction.


I wanna squat heavier.That’s why I’m confused about which form I should use.


You can’t ask other people what form you should use, we aren’t you. Neither are we there with you coaching you every session. Just answer a couple of questions…

Are you able to increase your weights using your current way of squatting?

Is your current way of squatting comfortable for you?

Is there any areas that you think is severely lacking and holding you back?

It looks fine.

Does it matter if it’s atypical? If it works for you… It works for you.

If you’re more upright of the squat so it’s normal if you don’t feel much hip drive. Don’t worry too much about it.

You squat with your legs, of course its “quad-dominant”. Don’t get too caught up in all the back dominant/quad dominant bullshit people like to spread to make themselves sound smarter and stuff. Ever seen anyone squat without quads? I doubt so.


For now I can keep adding weight after each cycle(5/3/1).I’ve been using this form for half year since I switch from high bar to low bar and it feels fine.Although I do feel my glute is the weakest line in my lower body.
Thank you for all the advice.Since my form is alright I’m gonna stick with it.


Nothing wrong with your form. The only comment I would make is to maintain a neutral neck position. Right now your neck is bent downward. Keep a neutral neck position and pick a spot for your eyes to focus on. Otherwise all is well.


That dude squats low bar with a narrow stance and upright back. He seems to do okay with it :slight_smile:


Your squat is great except the neck thing. I’m guessing your so upright as you have very short femurs.
This video explains this well:


I’ll keep that in mind.

That makes me feel relieved:grinning:

Thanks! This video helps a lot!I do have short femurs.:joy:


Notice the short femurs


Everyone who looks down, stop following Rip’s squat technique. He doesn’t teach a powerlifting squat and he says so in his book and articles, repeatedly. Everyone else I’ve read (Simmons, Coan, Karwoski, Hatfield, etc.) says to look forward with the neck pushing into the bar to the rear, while holding a neutral neck position.


Yes indeed. This why I with long femurs squat with a wide stance for maximal weight. For me, even If I wear oly shoes and have a ton of knee travel, I’ll still be very bent over when I do a squat low bar and narrow stance and it’ll take forever to reach depth.