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Squat Form Help...


A squat question- I've been in the process for awhile now in fixing my form which was crap to begin with. Specifically, Ive been trying to work on two things: "spreading the floor" and most importantly keeping upright and not bending over at the bottom. The problem Ive found is that to spread the floor my feet need to be pointing straighter, which makes it harder to stay upright at the bottom. Any thoughts? Ive been feeling stronger by spreading the floor, but I know bending over is a very bad thing.

Thanks for any help


You don't have to remain upright. As long as you are tight, good arch in the back--leaning somewhat forwardis perfectly acceptable. If your lower back starts to curve like a 'c' that is not good.

Then you may have to look at altering thr form or lightening up the load.


Yea, it really depends on how your leaning forward. If your lower back is remaining straight and you're just leaning forward to keep the bar over your center of gravity thats fine. However, if you are rounding your lower back, it may be due to a lack of hamstring flexibility.


... or, like sasq said, using too much weight.


I, personally, don't worry as much about spreading the floor as I do about forcing my knees out to the side.

If you haven't read it yet, my article entitled "6 Tricks for a Sexy Squat" gives you some great ammo with regards to helping you keep your chest up when squatting.

Stay strong



The most important question is are you doing PL or OL squats, because there is a world of difference between these two.


Im doing PL squats, and i feel as though pointing my toes out slightly will help to fix the problem.


Maybe check your flexibility in your hips. a lot of guys i see squatting who really lean forward are trying to get lower in squats without adequate mobility in their hips. one easy way to help this (if it is a problem) is to place the safety bars in the rack about hip height and squat/slide underneath them. does wonders for mobility and serves as a little warm up too.