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Squat Form Help

Hi, I decided to include back squats again. I didnt do them for a year after a lumbar injury and couldn’t find a form that wasn’t hurting my knees or hips

I gave a go to high bar today and I’ve never felt a better squat in my life. Feels like butter. Feet turned out at 30 degress and about shoulder width, bar on traps. Is this acceptable? I’m fed up with front squats because my mobility is not amazing. How can I program squatting twice a week in 5/3/1?

I’m​ going to start not too light, I was wondering If I should just do the normal 5/3/1 rep scheme and then do pause or speed squats on the second lower day? Or condense two weeks into one?

Weight is 135, I just wanted to see how it felt. My max on front squats being around 250-260, I guess I’ll start with 285 tm on back squat.

Maybe it’s just the video angle, but your form in the second video looks better than in the first; in the first video it looks like you break at the knees too much initially. Second video does look pretty good though. Depth may leave something to be desired, but it’s juuuuuust at parallel.

The good news is that you say the form feels great and overall it looks smooth.

In regards to programming: “This applies to any program published on this site, but it especially matters for 5/3/1. You must do the program the way it’s written.” (Wendler, 2009). If you’re keen on programming squats twice and insist on it being with 5/3/1, doing light pause squats or speed squats as an assistance lift on the deadlift day won’t kill your gains. As long as you’re never flirting with failure and recovery is on point, I am of the opinion that the more often you squat the better (within reason). It’s all about gauging your intensity.

Your technique is OK. You can do “boring but big” or “simple strength template” (I think that’s the right name) to squat both days. Or you could just do something like 60-70% x 1-3 x 3-6 sets, focusing on technique and speed, before you deadlift. I see some of Josh Bryant’s lifters doing that.

5/3/1 is not the bible, you won’t go to hell for violating Wendlers commandments.

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That is sacrilege!!!


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Hey guys thank you for the replies!

I’m going to do speed squats before deads and 5/3/1 squats on the other day. Form feels very good. I won’t go muchb lower as I lose the ability ro keep a neutral spine. This for me is perfect height.

Anyways glad it looks good!