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Squat Form Help

Hi all, first post hoping I could get some feedback on my squat form, this set was with 80kg, cheers!

You to look up while squatting. Looking down is going to give you that roundness in the back and that’s not something you want. Lower the weight to help with the form. DONT LET YOUR EGO GET IN THE WAY.

Looks like good depth and decent form. I’d like to see a single @ about 95% 1rm on a form check, as this will expose flaws better. I suspect as the weight gets heavier your tendency will be to pitch forward on the bottom because: (1) your elbows are a bit back; (2) you start the decent a bit forward; and (3) you have a bit of a butt wink on the bottom to make depth.

Tips: Get your hands closer together on the bar; really squeeze your shoulder blades together; force your elbows forward more to get your posture more upright; and breathe in before your decent and hold it until the rep is over. Think piston like in a car engine as you drop into the hole and back up. Getting the hands in and elbows forward might hurt a bit at first depending on your level of mobility.

Ignore comments about the weight being to heavy for you. It isn’t. You handled the weight just fine and your form isn’t that bad. Just work keep working on little things to get tighter and a tad more upright/piston like and you’ll do great.