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Squat Form Help

just came back from my first WNPF power meet. I was hoping some of you could identify where the weakness in my squat is so i know what to remedy. I am doing westside so knowing my weakness is everything, but I have no coach or experienced gym members to critique. In this post i have my first attempt which was succesful with 415. in the next i fail with 455

This was the one i struggled with

you can not tell much, because it is sped up…but the first video you need to stop rocking on your feet on the way up. the second one looks like your hip power gave out…but that is my own opinion

I think that what some people forget is that when attempting max weights, form won’t be perfect. Bad form will show up at some point during the lift. The main concern is safety. In regards to form the main issues are keeping your upper back tight and arched, and making sure your knees don’t cave in by “spreading the floor”. Your knees caved in a bit so I would widen your stance and spread the floor throughout the lift. Other than that it was fine.

Have you done 455 ever? It honestly looks like you just didn’t have the energy or strength to handle it and you just got buried (no offense intended).

That 415 looked easy as hell for. As mentioned already the only real visible problem is rocking feet.

I have actually done 470 in the gym 2 weeks before. Squatting for the first time without a mirror really thrrew me off. Also I’ve never used a monolift and stupidly I tried to squat without using a walkout. My plan now is to lower my box a bit in the gym for squats, and work on widening my stance. The knee buckling is a problem that has been improving but still needs more work. Thanks for the replies