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Squat Form Help (Starting Strength)

I will be honest the past week I haven’t been eating like a horse like Starting Strength tells you to and on Friday I went for a 285 squat for 3 sets of 5 and I failed the 5th rep on the second set. I did some reading on some forums and some people instead of deloading 90% tried the same weight for 1 or 2 more workouts before they deloaded so I decided to do that today. Today I successfully did 285 for 3x5 but I felt very iffy about it. Here is my last set. Please send feedback if I am doing anything wrong and also by the end I felt my thoracic back rounding a bit I’m assuming that is a problem to fix. Thanks.

Looks good. You get a little sloppy on a few reps, but no cause for concern.

Thanks man

To me it looks like a bit of knee instability. Concentrate on driving your knees outward. There are lot of cues for this, like ‘twisting the floor’ but I just concentrate on driving them outward and keeping everything tight. If I don’t, I have a tendency to cave my right knee when getting above 90%.

All right ill make sure i add that in next session thanks