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Squat Form: Heels Turning In

I watched my brother squatting the other day and noticed that during the bottom half of his squat his heels seem to turn in a little. It’s like he’s pushing up with mostly the inner half of his heels. He swears he’s distributing the weight through his whole foot, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Any ideas? Also what should I tell him to do to fix it?

He isn’t by chance very flat-footed is he?

If I’m understanding you right, it sounds like he is overpronating. The simplest solution would be to find a supportive shoe, brace, or tape his feet/ankles before squatting (and any other athletic activity).

Is it caused by his knees ‘bowing in’?

Weak glutes. Push the knees out. Squeeze the butt all the way to the top.


Thanks guys, I’ll pass on the info!