Squat Form - Feedback?

As I progress on my current 531 program and my Training Maxes continue to increase, I’d like to make sure that I’m not compromising form for the sake of adding weight to the bar. I took a few videos at different weights (the 210 is closest to my max). Everything feels good; the only thing that jumps out at me is seeing my knees travel past my toes, but not sure if that’s necessarily a bad thing (as with everything else, there seems to be conflicting views on this one).

Is there anything that jumps out that I could improve on? Thanks in advance!





Not getting tight enough. You need to work on bracing. Even with the belt on, the bar path is all over the place.

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I can work on that. I always assumed bracing was simply keeping the core tight, but I’m sure it’s more than that… like filling the diaphragm with air (vs. breathing in through the chest, which is probably what I’m doing). Thank you!

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So I think your bar path is more due to rotation than anything else, which is usually indicative of shoulder immobility if anything.

If you have a video of you squatting from the back so we could check your knees, it would be helpful. Otherwise, you look fine tbh.

If you don’t want to take another video, tell us: do your knees cave inwards or are they unstable at any point? If so, try “pinching” the floor with your toes - as if you were trying to hold a basketball between your toes and heel. It tends to help.

This whole video series is full of information that may or may not be useful for you. I’ll just leave it here for you and lurkers if anyone wants to tune up their squat form.


My hero!

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do your knees cave inwards or are they unstable at any point?

I definitely haven’t noticed them cave inwards at all; maybe some instability as the weights get heavier. I’ll try your “pinching” suggestion. Makes sense. Will also upload another video (from back perspective) on my next squat day.

Thanks for the link!

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My suggestions would be:

  1. Initiate your squat in a more slow and controlled manner, and then accelerate as you descend into the hole. Going too fast in the beginning can make your center of mass to shift or go off balance during the squat.

  2. Instead of pushing back with your butt, think of driving your knees forward. Again, this is to help keep your center of mass over midfoot.

  3. At the top of your squat, it looks like you drive your hips forward and have a slight curve inward. This movement doesn’t really serve a purpose and isn’t putting your body in an optimal position to start the next rep.

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Thanks, appreciate it!

There are some good tips above. Make sure your heels stay on the ground. Ballance yourself by tilting slightly forward but the weight distribution on your heels and toes. As for high bar squat you don’t have to lean forward much.
Keep it ub buddy.

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Adding videos of my work sets from earlier. I tried implementing as many of the suggestions you all gave me. Very helpful; each set felt comfortable. My last set (220) was a struggle towards the end, but then again, this was the most weight I ever squatted.

@Andrewgen_Receptors Hopefully I got the right angle for these videos. I think you can see the path the right knee takes…




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Your form looks good. I normally wouldn’t even make a mention of anything because it’s that good, but I’ll critique since it’s been asked.

I can see you’re struggling with keeping your upper body upright when coming out of the pocket (this is pretty common). Your lower back is probably a weak point - hyperextensions, good mornings, deadlifts/RDLs all should help with this.
Additionally, I would try moving the bar just a little lower on your back. I think this would help keep you upright a little better, at least that’s what I found personally.

Have you squatted barefoot before? I’m looking at your shoes and they’ve got all that padding and the angle. Sometimes that messes with things.
I’m always a proponent of barefoot squatting because I believe that’s how the body was meant to perform, but I also have perfect feet (pictures available for $7.99/mo).

For some people, barefoot squatting/deadlifting isn’t advisable, but I would default to have everyone learn these movements barefoot first.
Just something worth trying out, maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t.

In reality though, your squat looks fine. Your bracing could use a little work, but bracing takes a long time to learn properly - i’m still pretty bad at it tbh.


I never tried squatting barefoot. But I did like Chuck Taylor high tops, which are almost flat, plus ankle support, which I liked when squatting heavy. I wanted secure ankle support.

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If you add more videos, can you add some from the back view to see if you are pushing equally with both legs?

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I agree with all I’ve read. On this one point, I kind of thing you’re rushing the initial descent. You squeeze your glutes and get tight at the top, then there is this rapid hinge and drop. Hold that brace hard and take your time getting that initial movement and I think a lot of things will clean up.

All that said, I also don’t really think you have anything to worry about. It will all improve as you keep squatting.


Have you squatted barefoot before?

Never have, but I’ll give it a try. Will start with my warm-up sets, just so I get used to the feeling.

but I also have perfect feet (pictures available for $7.99/mo).

:laughing: :laughing:
My daughter says she has perfect hands and should be a hand model. You never know, foot modeling? There’s a market for everything!

In reality though, your squat looks fine. Your bracing could use a little work, but bracing takes a long time to learn properly - i’m still pretty bad at it tbh.

So after watching a few videos on bracing, trying some of the recommended exercises (laying on your back and deep breaths through the abdomen), I’m thinking to myself … this is easy. But then when I actually go to implement it while lifting, I realize … this is definitely going to take more practice! Breathing is just something we take for granted, we’ve been doing it our whole lives. I guess it’s a matter of re-wiring our minds through repetition. I definitely felt the difference though.

Thanks again for all your help!

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Definitely, thanks. All in all, I’d say I felt balanced, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a slight imbalance with my right outperforming my left (since I’m a rightie).

It looks like you have really good ankle mobility, but I’m not sure if some of that is coming from the shoes you are wearing. Your squat style (high bar, upright torso, knees traveling forward, sitting straight up and down) generally lends itself to a shoe with a heel. Now, if you have the ankle mobility to do these in flat shoes or barefoot, that’s certainly worth a try. Long term I wouldn’t keep squatting in the shoes you are wearing.

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Here’s a video from today of my top set. I went barefoot this time. Also worked on a slow & controlled initial descent. Only thing that surprised me was seeing the bar angle on my back (imbalance?). It’s the first time taking a video from this angle, so first time noticing it. Has always felt balanced.

Looks like you have some hip shift going on to me.
I’m sure @FlatsFarmer has much more to offer than I can but I would start with the basics.