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Squat Form/Depth Check

This is 365X5 a beltless PR today. After reviewing the video I was questioning whether my hips are getting low enough. Any critiques on depth or form would be greatfully recieved.

I think depth was fine on most of the reps, questionable on the last one but its all in the camera angle.

Looks pretty good to me. Solid form. Definitely calling it either RIGHT at parallel or a little bit high though. It doesn’t look like you CAN"T go any lower, like you have horrible mobility. It just looks like you are sitting back and calling depth a little early. Try doing some lighter sets going as low as you can, taking video, and see if you are much deeper. If so, then it’s a mental thing. You’re calling it early cause the weight is heavy, and you need to just force yourself to go deeper every rep.

If it doesn’t look significantly deeper, then maybe try and work on keeping your chest up a little better. You initiate with your hips back, and your chest starts to come forward pretty early in the rep. So, towards the bottom you might not really be able to get your hips much lower. If you can keep your chest up better, possibly by trying to sit “down” a little more at the start, instead of “back,” you will be able to fit your hips a little lower between your legs and hit depth better.

Overall, great squats though. Keep at it.

Thanks NK, I really appreciate the advice you have given me in both my threads and will continue putting it to use.

My squat form is something I am always playing with especially stance width, that stance is a lot about 6-8 inches wider than I usually stand. I feel a lot more powerful like that but find it harder to sit in between my legs. Possibly tightness in the hips?

I don’t think your form looks that solid. At the start of the lift you start off with a heavy arch in your back, which goes over to a neutral or slight rounding at the bottom. This is a lot of movement in the spine which can lead to back problems further down the road.
Depth looks right about parallell or a bit high, don’t think it would be approved in the IPF.

You have a butt wink going, you’re losing your lower arch as you descend, then when you come back up it’s halfway inbetween a squat and a good morn.

You see that arch you have when you first start your descent? Why don’t you have that arch just before you start your descent? I think it’s because you aren’t mentally que’ing yourself to arch your lower back hard, then, when you go to sit back you hit that hard arch position for a moment, then lose it steady as you descent to 40%+ all the way to the bottom, so at the bottom of your squat your lumbar is dipping and your coccyx is in a sit position.

I’d give you reds on all of them. I agree with one of the posters above that you are likely cutting them because they’re heavy. I tend to do the same thing particularly when I’m doing fives. In my head I know I want to get the five and cut them to conserve energy. In addition, your form break down is likely fatigue as well.

Video a lighter weight and see what it looks like for comparison. I’m not suggesting you lower the weight and perfect your form because, in my opinion, people who are relentless about perfect form, stay at light weights so they can look technically pretty. When the weight gets heavy, things can look ugly.

Just don’t get used to cutting them high otherwise your head will think that it is deep enough.

It looks to me like you aren’t bracing your core and pushing your abs out.